Double Up: Encapsulation & Tincture Package

If you want both the short and long term benefits of your placenta (smart cookie, pat yourself on the back!) this is the package for you. You choose your desired form of encapsulation and the flavor of your 12 ounce tincture. $295


Placenta Encapsulation

We use smaller, size “0” capsules that are easier to take, non-gmo, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and they contain no preservatives! We offer two different methods in which your placenta can be encapsulated:

Steamed Preparation: Your placenta is cleaned and steamed before being dehydrated, ground and then turned into capsules for your consumption $215

Raw Preparation: Your placenta is immediately cleaned, dehydrated, ground and then turned into capsules for your consumption $195

Both of these methods offer great methods. Please visit our “FAQ” page to read a little about each method. We would be happy to discuss which method is right for you and your unique situation.


Placenta Tinctures

Placenta Tinctures are great for women who are looking for the long-term benefits that the placenta can offer. They can be used for menstrual discomfort or PMS, less bleeding during those cycles and can be stored and used well into menopause. The female child can also benefit from placental tincture once she begins her menstrual cycles. Our tincture services are offered as an add on service to our placenta encapsulation service, however, entire placentas can be tinctured as well. Please inquire about pricing for entire placenta tinctures. We offer unflavored, apple or strawberry tinctures in three different sizes.
4 ounces $40
8 ounces $70
12 ounces $100