Treehouse Postpartum

cara deutchman peterson, MSN, bsn, FNP-C, RN, cies

I always wanted to be a nurse.  I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Madonna University and my Master's Degree in Nursing from South University in Novi.  I am a certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.  I currently work with wellpath in pontiac, Michigan.  Most of my nursing career was in a Level 1 trauma center in the Metro Detroit area, working with adult and pediatric patients. I have seen how hard the postpartum period can be for mothers and I knew there had to be a better way.  I was intrigued to learn on my own how homeopathic remedies can affect the postpartum process. Jo mentioned placenta encapsulation and together we have learned the intense need for such services in our community.  I am a Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist, I hold my Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control Certification, as well as my Servsafe Food Handlers Certification. 

in case you were wondering how the two of us know each other, well, we met waaaaay back in the eighth grade.  cara was one of only three new kids in the middle school class that year.  Once we found out that we had a mutual fondness for scary movies and the same brand of sarcasm, that was pretty much reason to become best friends.  We have been driving around together singing 90's-2000's tunes and watching endless hours of Forensic Files ever since!  We have stood beside each other as Maid (Matron) of Honor as we each have gotten married.  And as Jo welcomed her two beautiful girls into the world, cara was by her side.  We are business partners, we are friends, we respect one another and we are always communicating. 


Jo Ramos, cies, bs, as

I originally went to school to become a Veterinarian, and after I received a Bachelor's in Animals Sciences through Ohio State University (and a minor in Life Sciences and Sociology), I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of photography.  After I had my first daughter, I fell in love with birth photography, and I've been in the birth world ever since.  After watching clients go through difficulties with the postpartum period, I began to do research into different ways to ease the transition into motherhood.  I then found placenta encapsulation and discovered how immensely beneficial it can be; and I decided to become a CIES (Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist).  I hold my Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control Certification, as well as my Servsafe Food Handlers Certification, and am a Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist.



Our Code of ethics


I. Responsibilites to Clients


A. Privacy & Protection


All information collected or obtained during the exchange of services between Treehouse Postpartum Services and their client is to be held in privacy according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standards.  Treehouse Postpartum Services may not use a client's personal information for data collection purposes or for distribution without written consent from the client.  Selling of information is strongly prohibited for all specialists.


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services' data collection program is done via assigned client code.  No individual names will be used.  This is designed to protect the client's integrity and privacy.  The information collected includes the weight of the placenta throughout the preparation process(es), amount of capsules rendered, means of preparation, prenatal health history, and known medical conditions.

          2. No client information, pictures, or videography may be submitted to social media without written consent from the client.  This includes birth announcements, pictures of pickup or drop off, pictures of a newborn or the placenta capsules and products.


B. Reliability & Competence


Treehouse Postpartum Services will adhere to strict reliability standards and competency to properly and safely provide services.


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services agree to only book as many clients as they can feasibly provide services to.  A specialist will not overbook or double book clients with scheduled births. If Treehouse Postpartum Services is not available within 10 hours of the mother's birth to provide services, Treehouse Postpartum Services will transfer care of the client to another trained specialist.  Treehouse Postpartum Services will take responsibility for the competence of the back up Encapsulator.


C. Service Fees


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services promotes that placenta preparation and postpartum services be available to all mothers regardless of economic status.  Treehouse Postpartum Services understands that the average price for services in the United States ranges from $150-500 USD.  Specialists can either package other preparation techniques, or price each technique individually.

          2. Contracts for services, pricing, and the refund policy must be presented to and signed by the client.  Service contracts are designated so that the client understands their responsibilities as well as the flow of services paid for.  Specialists are not able to determine or diagnose any issues from the pregnancy, birth or postpartum that may render the placenta unusable.


D. Training & Competency


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services has undergone rigorous and in depth training for placenta preparation.  This includes physical workshop attendance or a distance training program.  Each training option provided a skills demonstration.

          2. Specialists have completed and passed 4 assessments of materials learned and skills acquired.  The assessments are designed to measure each specialists competence to provide placenta services.


II. Responsibilities to the Profession


A. Interaction with Colleagues


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services place the integrity of the profession and the interests of their clients above their own interests and opinions.  Specialists agree to act with integrity and respect.  Each specialist is in charge of maintaining and developing their professional expertise.


          2. Treehouse Postpartum Services are expected to always interact within the guidelines of the Code of Ethics.  Specialists have the responsibility to expand services in their area and to offer support to women in their community regardless of race, gender or sexual preference.


          3. Each specialist will not impersonate a doctor, midwife, or pharmacist unless they have educational background and/or licensure.  Each specialist will obtain a certification in blood-borne pathogens handling, sanitizing protocols and their state food handling card.  These additional certifications are kept current at all times.  This education will reduce the risk of cross contamination and blood-borne/food-borne illnesses.


B. Compliance with the Law and Facility Regulations


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services requires that specialists follow procedure and policy for facilities in their service area.  This includes becoming familiar with local hospitals, obtaining release forms if permitted and preparing their client.  Treehouse Postpartum Services may not take possession of a placenta until it has been legally released from the facility to the client.


         2. During their training, each specialist has been educated on how to legally advertise services.  This includes labeling of placenta capsule bottles, liability and waiver forms as well as explaining to their potential clients that placenta capsules have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) and are not designed to treat or prevent any physical or mental disease, ailment or symptom.


III. Passion


          1. Treehouse Postpartum Services have educated themselves on the process of preparing placentas because of a deep rooted passion for postpartum care.  Each specialist understands the need for continuation of mothering the mother after the birth process.  While financial gain is part of encapsulating placentas, each specialist will hold morals and values above all else.  Cultural respect and understanding of their clients wishes is extremely important.


          2. A copy of Treehouse Postpartum Services Code of Ethics must be made available to every potential client.