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Placenta Encapsulation & Tinctures


how does this work?

step one:

The first thing you need to do is look over our research page, our FAQ, and our services to determine what is right for you and your family.  If you have any questions, scroll down to our contact form and ask away! we want to make sure you are comfortable with us, informed on your decision, and excited for the process. Once you have decided which services you would like, add them to your cart, and checkout!  It's that easy!  


step two:

After you have checked out, we need for you to fill out our client form.  We previously had them broken down into several different forms, but for everyone's sanity, we have combined them into one [albeit longer] form.  Click on our Client Form link to download our form, and you can then fill it out and email it to us (or print it and scan/take a picture of it and email it to us) at  Whichever is easier for you!

step three:

When you are in labor, we ask that you or your partner gives us a heads-up via text or phone call so that we can best plan for the pickup of your placenta.  Once the placenta has been birthed, we ask to be notified once again as soon as possible to arrange pick-up.  WE come to YOU for pick-up!  Once we’re done processing all your goodies, we then DELIVER to you as well!  How's that for easy?


Contact Us

Contact us to reserve your spot!  our calendars fill up quickly and due to the nature of the placenta encapsulation process, we can only process one placenta at a time, so be sure to contact us to make sure we will be available for you.

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